Today's date is: September 03, 2015
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Welcome to the website of Personnel Appeals Board (PAB), U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO).

The Personnel Appeals Board is an independent entity established in 1980 as part of a separate personnel system Congress created for GAO. The Board’s founding grew in large part from concern over the inherent conflict of interest in GAO’s role as auditor of executive branch agencies that maintained regulatory responsibility over GAO’s personnel system. Congress granted the GAO broad authority to manage its own workforce but also sought to guarantee the constancy of civil service protections and employee rights by establishing an internal board to enforce and adjudicate those rights. The Board's mission - to provide independent adjudication of employment disputes -guides the Personnel Appeals Board today, as it has over the history of this institution.


PAB Updates

New Board member appointed
The Board is pleased to announce that David P. Clark was recently appointed as our newest Board member.

Learn about the PAB
The Personnel Appeals Board (PAB or Board) has created a power point presentation that explains the history and jurisdictional authority of the Board, and also discusses PAB and its Office of General Counsel’s procedures.  Board staff members are available to give the presentation and answer any questions.  Anyone or any group interested in seeing the presentation should contact either General Counsel Stuart Melnick at (202) 512-3836, or Clerk of the Board Patricia Reardon-King at (202) 512-7526 to arrange a time and place.

New Chair Elected for the PAB
The Board has elected William E. Persina as Chair, and Robert F. Hermann as Vice-Chair.

Electronic filings
In order to assist the Personnel Appeals Board in maintaining case files electronically and in distributing information in the most expeditious manner possible, the Board encourages parties to file all pleadings, motions, and other formal submissions electronically to the extent possible.  This electronic filing is in addition to the filing requirements under 4 CFR §28.20.  The electronic copy should be sent to, and labeled with the case name, docket number and an identifiable document name (e.g. Doe 12-56 MotDismiss.doc).  After the initial filings by the parties, the Board may adjust the number of paper copies required on a case by case basis. 

PAB and PAB/OGC are Located in Headquarters
The Personnel Appeals Board and its Office of General Counsel are located on the first floor of the Headquarters building. The Board’s entrance is room 1566 and the PAB/OGC entrance is room 1562.